AS Academy™ is an elite business mastermind for owners doing between $750K and $5M, who want to be doing much more. Ironically, our best clients are those that are likely to succeed on their own, but with the our help, are able to scale much faster, more profitably and more sustainably.


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4 Pillars of Change™ is the framework in AS Academy™ every client goes through to achieve the desired result: a scalable business, without scaling your problems.

Here’s how it works:

1. Audit Your Business.

You can’t manage what you don’t measure, so the first step to scaling a business is knowing your blindspots, any broken systems and all the weaknesses across all company divisions. Clarity is king and without a powerful look at the inner workings, and finding the core root causes of the problems, the problems will persist. Once the audit is complete, we then create a detailed action plan to correct all weaknesses.

2. Build A Strong Team.

Your people are the backbone of your operation. If they are underperforming, pushing back on ideas, or just operating below their potential, your new plan will quickly fall apart. A plan is only as good as the leader of the troops, and the people to execute it – which is why you need the right people, in the right roles, and you need to build an epic place for them to work, and light a fire under them so they’re excited and productive as they work on your newly built business roadmap.

3. Create Scalable Systems.

At this point, it’s important to create operational efficiency by building scalable systems across all divisions of your company. This can lighten the workload on manual tasks, create a more seamless product and client experience, improve comms between team members, increase profitability massively and make your life easier so there’s less to think about day-to-day, and more room to focus on growth.

4. Develop Bulletproof Leadership.

As the owner, you can become the biggest bottleneck in growth. If your team doesn't have clear direction, if there's no accountability or support for you personally, if your mindset needs work and you're thinking too small, if you don't know how to build a strong culture, if you have no management or reporting processes, or you’re stuck in the weeds and can’t find your way out - the business will suffer massively. Every team needs a true leader, and when you raise your game, so will your business.


Here are some of our client success stories. Watch the videos to learn more about their stories, and how working with Andrew has had a positive impact on their business and life.