Join the Founder of AS Academy™, Andrew Sparks on the Andrew Sparks Podcast to learn timeless empire-building strategies, as well the mental toughness and mindset conditioning you need to scale your business and create the life you want. Watch or listen below now.



When you boil it all down, business is reasonably simple. And if you have a business that is moving and growing, you must focus on how to grow to another level. In this episode, Andrew talks about the 2 ways to scale your company from where it is right now. And spoiler alert, it has absolutely nothing to do with marketing.

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When you’re trying to scale a business, you have to really dive deep into where you want to be at and what things need to shift. The 4 Pillars of Change is a time-tested strategy used to uncover what needs to shift, how to work through it, and move the business at the pace you would like it to be.


Today's episode talks about social myths. These "rules" that we play by that create roadblocks that hinder true success. You will discover that these rules aren't as hard cut as you thought they are and in fact, myth!


Today's episode talks about the problem with YOU and the external factors that influence your frame of thinking. By identifying them, we are able to start breaking through these mental roadblocks that are stopping you from becoming the A-player you would like to be.

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In today’s episode, Andrew, the founder and CEO of AS Academy, is going to share with you his origin story -- the key moments in life that led to where he is now.